Below you will find a list of  all our current and upcoming courses:

Current Courses:

This is course designed to help agents avoid the most common mistakes that cause deals to die and focus on not just closing deals but closing customers for life. Agents will learn to stop just doing the activities of real estate and start focusing on building their real estate business for life. Day one of this class we will give you the tools you need to set up and run your business.

We focus on helping you to build your business to grow and be in business for years to come, and how to win business from customers instead of losing out to competitors. We teach you how to be a confident force to be reckoned with in the industry.

On day two we will teach you how to speak the language of the investor. You will learn the beauty of real estate as an investment. We will give you the knowledge and tools to never feel out of your depth again. You will leave knowing that you not only always no more than your customer, but you will learn the skills to explain things clearly to the customer in a way that builds trust and credibility. We will also help you to understand the numbers and teach you to do them with complete confidence. You will learn all of this and then finish your day working on negotiation tricks and tactics.

These two days together will give you more than just confidence in what you do, it will give you a clear path to becoming a true real estate professional who deserves their customers business.

Are you tired of being scared of negotiating? Are you worried that someone on the other side of the table is going to make you look bad because they know how to negotiate better than you?  Are your customers lying to you? Are you just tired of feeling like you are being taken advantage of by folks that know how to play the game better than you? Maybe you just want to improve in a field where you already excel. Well then it is time to start becoming an elite negotiator.

This is a no nonsense 4-hour bootcamp on how to fight for your customer and yourself. This is not a “pie in the sky” let’s sit around the campfire singing cumbia negotiating class, but it is the real tricks and tactics pros use to close the deals other people let die. Stop leaving money on the table and stop leaving yourself and your customer without the best representation you are capable of. It is time to become an Ace Negotiator.  


If Men are from Mars and Women Are from Venus where are my buyer and seller from?
Getting inside the mind of your customer (2hr)

The first step to running a successful business is figuring out what your customer needs and how best to give it to them. Our culture is constantly changing and for this reason what people need often changes with it. In addition, changes in society can give us insights into dealing with customers in a more effective way.

In this class we delve into the mind of who our customers are and what they need. Not just what they think they need but things they don’t even realize they need. Successful businesses meet customers’ needs better than their competitors. Most agents do not recognize what the customer really wants and for this reason they lose the potential lifelong loyalty, and repeat customers they could be developing. Don’t let the opportunity to stand out in your industry and develop a real competitive advantage pass you by.

The ACE intro: Closing More Deals with Fewer Leads: “What you didn’t Know you didn’t about Real Estate” (2hrs)

What is good about real estate? Ask most agents this question and you will be shocked at how poorly they understand their amazing product. This class is a sample of the information from our two-day class and is very popular with those that want to up their real estate “game.” It teaches agents how to truly talk about real estate and know exactly what makes it such a wonderful opportunity for customers. It also helps agents to recognize the importance for great communication and clear explanations. This class gives agents a ton of information in a short time span to be honest and persuasive when they tell customers just how amazing real estate really is.


The ACE Lister: How to get the Listing (4hr)

This class teaches you how to get listings signed by a top listing agent. These are all the tricks and tactics to take your listing presentations to the next level. We cover a wide range of topics and give you the details to be able to do it yourself.

This class is focused on teaching you the things you need to know to jump your listing presentation up to the next level. We use real properties and real exercises to set prices and get past the nervousness to close the deal. We will show agents proven, highly effective, low pressure means of getting your paperwork signed and leaving your customer with a smile on their face when your deal is done.

The ACE Advanced Lister: Building a Lifelong Listing Business: (4hr)

This bootcamp deals with building your real estate listing business for the long term and handling objections in a fun and entertaining way. We will teach you how to analyze and establish a target market, set goals, and stay on track. This class also helps to build the skills agents need to better answer customers and helps agents develop options to use when speaking with them.


This class is jam packed with all the best stuff to not just help you get a listing, but instead to have a proven system that keeps your listing pipeline full. This will allow you to have a more consistent and growing income, while allowing more flexibility for the rest of life. This class will equip you to establish yourself as a major player in your field that has a long-term repeat clientele of listings constantly coming in.


ACE Objection Obliteration: (4hours)

This class teaches agents the importance of objections to the customer as they seek to qualify the person they work with. Agents will learn not only why customers use objections but also how to handle them in a way that conveys their true value to the customer.

This class is an interactive boot camp where agents are asked to come up with their best responses to common objections and share them before the instructor tells how they would handle the objection. This keeps the class active and encourages agents to think about how to strengthen their dialogue skills for greater customer service. Objections are part of the business that will not ever go away. We show agents how to turn those objections from a stumbling block to getting their leads business to a steppingstone to forming a lifelong relationship with a loyal customer.


ACE Investor: Flipping, & Income Property Specialist (4 hours) 

This nuts and bolts program provides insight into the investment side of the business. You’ll learn how to work with investors more often or even invest yourself. This class is dedicated to teaching agents the skills to find and analyze investment property, how to know a good deal when they see it, and the key to presenting it to their investor customers in a way that makes you stand out as a pro. You’ll learn what flipping a property entails and the hidden costs your customers need to be cautious of. This class will give you a new skill set to bring in more business, better serve your customer, and equip you to participate in the market as well.


ACE Elite Buyers Agent Bootcamp (4 hours)

This course will help agents to improve their relationships with buyers, help them to get buyers to commit, and help them avoid being second guessed by their customer. In this class we will focus on techniques to help them to:

  1. massively increase their warm leads all without high pressure tactics
  2. Be respected and listened to by their customers
  3. As with all ACE courses, the focus will be on best practices to earn customers for life
Stop being disregarded and second guessed by your customers and become an ACE Elite Buyers Agent.


Courses Coming Soon:

We constantly have classes in development as we are always trying to give agents better tools and information to help them in our competitive industry. This is the place where we let you know what projects are being created, demoed or are just pending approval. The classes we are working now are:

ACE Business building & Time Management

How to Plan, Manage & Advertise a Strong Real Estate Business (2 hours?) 

ACE Business building & Time Management is a course designed to help you to build a strong and flourishing real estate business. Agents will learn how to set their business up for success, how to set systems up to keep them accountable, and how to be more efficient with their time. We will also address goals, how to break those goals down, make them measurable, and how to stay on track when things don’t go as projected. Agents will also learn some tricks to excellence in advertising and staying motivated when this business gets them down. This class helps agents manage themselves and puts them on a path to build a strong and growing real estate business for their future. 

ACE Advanced Real Estate Investment

ACE Advanced Real Estate Investment: Analyzing investment properties in the real world  *** (3 hours) 

In this class we will take real properties and learn to do an analysis for our customer (or ourselves) to see how good a deal a property is. You will learn the skills to speak with confidence to investors and at the same time become a true real estate investment specialist. You will leave with the skills and confidence to be a productive part in any real estate conversation with any customer regardless of their experience. 

  •  ***Prerequisite ACE Real Estate Investment: How Making Money in Real Estate Works

ACE Contracts

ACE Contracts: Writing Contracts that Get Signed (3hours)


Contracts are the heart and soul of the real estate business. Agents need to have a deep knowledge of these critical forms in order to serve their customer well. This class focuses specifically on the FAR/BAR As-is and FAR/Bar contracts to teach agents how to fill them out correctly, how the time lines work, what their customers rights are, and how to protect their customers interests while getting their offers signed.  

ACE Ethics

ACE Ethics: Real success the right way (3hours)


A look at doing the right thing for the right reasons. This class teaches agents to not just abide by the mandatory ethical standards but having higher self-imposed ethical standards that reflect the type of person they are and business they want to be known for. 

ACE Property Manager

ACE Property Manager: (3hours)

In this class agents will not only learn how to avoid common mistakes but also how to stay compliant with the law, how to handle difficult tenants, how to claim a security deposit legally, what you can and cannot charge a tenant for, and much more. They will learn how to think like an investor and mitigate risk. We will teach agents how to stand out for their knowledge and skill when representing their customers property to build lifelong relationships that lead to return customers and referrals.